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Climate Change


Everyone on the planet has a carbon footprint, and everyone has an opportunity to decrease their emissions. The best place to start is to educate yourself on the biggest drivers of your carbon emissions. You can use a free online carbon footprint calculator to understand what aspects of your lifestyle are contributing the most. This will help you decide where you can make the biggest impact in lowering your emissions.

More and more, we are given choices to lower our footprints on a day-to-day basis. In many countries, you can switch your home to renewable energy the same way you’d switch phone or internet providers. Start by searching online for “renewable energy providers” or “green tariffs” in your country. By switching, you can lower your energy consumption footprint to zero and smile knowing your power is coming from solar, wind, or other renewable sources.

Food and transportation choices make a big impact too. Incorporating less energy intense plant-based meals and walking or cycling can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.