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Floresta Amazonica Hotel in Alta Floresta, Amazon


The Floresta Amazonica Hotel is an idyllic site suitable for both leisure and relaxation and as a venue for meetings and conferences. The hotel is situated within the city of Alta Floresta located in the north of Mato Grosso State and is the most accessible gateway to southern Amazonia .
The region plays host to various lodges dedicated to both ecotourism and fishing along with rich archaeological sites, indigenous artefacts and cultural attractions. The Floresta Amazonica Hotel is an eco-resort encircled by 50 hectares of primary forest and 15.000m 2 of tropical gardens and offers various leisure and event-hosting options.

The hotel contains 46 diverse apartments including both VIP and en suite facilities with private verandas, air-conditioning, TV, minibar, telephone & internet connection.

you want to observe Amazonian wildlife or simply relax and have fun, the Floresta Amazonica Hotel has the best options.
Relax to the sound of the chorus of Amazonian birds that abound in the area, including an Harpy eagle nest recently discovered.
There is a swimming pool of varying depths, surrounded by native vegetation and you can order drinks from the poolside bar including cocktails and fruit juices. Next to that there is a soccer field and sports courts abutted by primary rainforest.
Tip: Enjoy a variety of trails inside the hotel forest.
The whole hotel is surrounded by forest and isolated from the troubles of the outside world, allowing direct contact with nature.
Other options:
* Fitness centre
* Sauna
* Playground
* Opportunities for hiking
* Naturalist Guides ( local & international)
* Supervisor for childrens activities