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Início » GreenBiz: “Climate Changes’ Attention Deficit Disorder”

GreenBiz: “Climate Changes’ Attention Deficit Disorder”


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

With climate skepticism soaring, and what could be the opening moves of WW3 distracting public attention, climate worriers are in despair about how to regain public attention.

Climate change’s attention deficit disorder

By Joel Makower
March 7, 2022

Remember climate change?

It’s not an entirely facetious question. With a brutal war and humanitarian crisis raging in Eastern Europe, a resulting global energy crisis, a quickly unfolding food crisis, a shaky global economyraging inflation — oh, and a still-rampaging pandemic, with all its health and mental health impacts — it’s been not-so-easy to keep the climate crisis top of mind.

Did I mention that there’s increasing talk about World War III?

Folks are exhausted. I’m exhausted simply writing the previous three paragraphs.

But skepticism is growing, too, she said. “Twenty percent believe it’s just not real, not happening and not caused by man. We haven’t seen a 20 percent number since about 2008 or 2009. I mean, it’s just unbelievable.”

It’s not that Americans have turned away from environmental issues. According to Shelton, 90 percent believe plastic trash is contaminating waterways and oceans more than ever before, up from 77 percent in 2020. “We’re super worried about plastics in the ocean. We’re not so worried about climate change.“

Read more: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/climate-changes-attention-deficit-disorder

Marc Morano predicted in 2010 that plastics could be the next fake crisis. Given plastic is in pretty much everything, a deluge of new over the top plastic regulations has every bit as much potential to mess up our quality of life as climate scare carbon pricing.

But it is good to see yet more evidence the fake climate scare seems to be on the way out.

I believe there will always be another hobgoblin, there is no standing still when it comes to debunking nonsense. Millions of years of being everyone’s lunch has geared our brains to assume the worst, made it way too easy for some people to believe the unbelievable. But evolution has also given us brains, logic, reason, and the internet – the tools we need to ridicule empty scare stories like the climate crisis or the plastic crisis, and hopefully keep purveyors of such myths from doing too much harm in the future.

Top points if anyone remembers who the person in the photo at the top of the page is.

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